Ft. Worth Mulching Services

Mulch is an organic material that is commonly spread across gardens and flower beds, where it pays many dividends. Mulch helps conserve soil moisture, prevent erosion, suppress weed growth and serve as an effective insulator against temperature extremes, from summer heat to winter freezes.

In addition, mulch releases valuable nutrients into the soil as it decomposes and can even add an attractive background for various plants, from ornamental flowers to trees.

Denmark Lawn specializes in mulch placement and we understand how different types of mulch can affect your soil. Contact us today to learn more about how mulch can make your landscape look amazing!

Need Mulch?

We are Ft. Worth’s leading mulch installation company!

Benefits of Mulch

Aside from their decorative value, mulches offer many benefits to your soil and plants. Mulch can reduce the amount of water lost through evaporation by shielding the soil from the sun’s drying rays. It keeps the soil cooler during the summer and acts as an insulator through the cold winter months lessening the effects of fluctuating temperatures on plant roots which in turn decreases their susceptibility to frost heaving.

Organic matter is added to the soil as the mulch breaks down. Increasing the organic matter in the soil will improve it’s moisture and nutrient holding capacity, as well as it’s structure, and drainage.

Weed growth is suppressed by the use of a mulch as is the spread of some plant diseases. Mulched areas are also less prone to erosion.

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