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Leaf Removal in Fort Worth, Aledo, White Settlement, & Nearby Areas in Texas

We can remove leaves from your property as needed throughout the fall.

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Leaf Removal Service in & Around Fort Worth, Aledo, & White Settlement, TX

We offer our leaf removal service from October to January!

Fall is a colorful time of year - leaves change colors before falling off their branches and settling onto your lawn. While leaf piles may be an exciting aspect of fall for children and pets alike, they may not be for you - or your lawn. We understand how cumbersome leaf removal can be, so we offer our leaf removal service to take care of it for you! We will blow all the leaves into a pile to collect and remove them from your property, leaving your yard spotless and ready for the winter. From October to January, we provide our leaf removal service to properties in and around the Fort Worth, TX area, including Aledo and White Settlement. However, why stop at leaf removal when you can clean up your entire landscape with our landscape bed cleanup service? This service includes various maintenance tasks such as plant trimming and pruning, cleaning up debris, and more! When you sign up with us, you will be satisfied with our exceptional results - guaranteed!

Our Leaf Removal Process

Bags of leaves in lawn after leaf removal service in White Settlement, TX.

We take pride in performing reliable, high-quality services, and our leaf removal service is no different. At Denmark Lawn, we follow a thorough leaf removal process to ensure no leaves are left on your lawn. First, we use a leaf blower to collect all the leaves from your property and form a pile. Then, if the pile is manageable, we will gather the leaves into bags and haul them off your property. However, if the pile is too large, we will mulch the leaves before bagging and removing them from your property.

When do we offer our leaf removal service?

Leaves linger and can continually build up on your property even several months after all of them have fallen off the trees. Because of this, we offer our leaf removal service from October to January. Many properties need 2-3 leaf removals throughout the fall to achieve a leaf-free lawn. Don't worry, though! We will show up every time you call, ready to remove the leaves from your property!

We have been offering our leaf removal service to property owners in the Fort Worth, TX area since 2009!

Keep Your Landscape in Pristine Condition With Our Landscape Bed Cleanup Service

Professional pruning plant in landscape bed in Aledo, TX.

While leaf removal is an essential fall service, you can go the extra mile for your landscape with our landscape bed cleanup service! We provide various maintenance tasks to keep your landscape beds in pristine condition, including:

  • Trimming and pruning your plants - Trimming enhances their aesthetics and removes overgrowth while pruning benefits their health.
  • Cleaning up debris - Removing leaves, twigs, sticks, and other debris that litters your landscape beds can increase their curb appeal.
  • Pulling out dead plants - Pulling dead plants out of your landscape beds gives the healthy ones better access to the nutrients they need to thrive.

Call us today to schedule our leaf removal service!

At Denmark Lawn, we offer a reliable and efficient leaf removal service to keep your property's curb appeal intact and benefit the health of your turf. You can remove this fall task from your to-do list and enjoy a leaf-free lawn with our removal service, which we offer to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Fort Worth, Aledo, White Settlement, TX, and throughout the surrounding areas. Call us at (817) 484-8522 to schedule our leaf removal service today!