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New sod installed for property in Fort Worth, TX.

Sod Installation in Fort Worth, Aledo, White Settlement, & Nearby Areas in Texas

You can establish a new lush green lawn immediately with our sod installation service!

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Get Sod Installation in Fort Worth, Texas.
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Sod Installation Service in & Around Fort Worth, Aledo, & White Settlement, TX

We offer St. Augustine, zoysia, and bermuda sod!

Sod is a quick and easy option for establishing your new lawn, and we're here to help you with that! At Denmark Lawn, we follow a comprehensive process to prepare the existing area for your new sod, ensuring precision and quality during installation. The sod types that we commonly install include St. Augustine, zoysia, and bermuda. While your new lawn will look beautiful immediately, sod is fragile and needs special care before you can treat it as you would normal turf. Fortunately, our experts will walk you through how to care for your new sod for the best results, and we cover our installation service with a 30-day warranty! Even after we complete our service, we'll be there to help you maintain your sod so it stays in pristine condition.

We offer our sod installation service to properties in and around Fort Worth, TX, including Aledo and White Settlement.

Our Sod Installation Process

Gloved professional installing sod to property in Aledo, TX.

Proper sod installation is crucial to achieving a beautiful lawn, and we take special care to ensure we do it right the first time. Our sod installation process is as follows:

  • We clear the existing area of any remaining debris and grass.
  • We'll flag the irrigation heads to avoid damaging them.
  • We will till the soil in preparation for the new sod.
  • We lay down the sod carefully, lining up the edges and ensuring no gaps.
  • We will use a roller to press the sod down for optimum contact with the soil underneath.
  • We'll add a thin layer of sand and top dressing soil to the new sod.
  • We water the new sod thoroughly to start encouraging root establishment.

What kind of sod do we offer?

At Denmark Lawn, we offer a variety of sod types. The most common types that our clients choose are St. Augustine, bermuda, and zoysia. We only use warm-season sod to ensure it has the best chance of survival and can establish itself quickly, as these grass types will thrive best in our area. In no time, your sod will have well-established, strong roots and grow healthy green grass!

We recommend bermuda sod because it's durable and has an excellent heat tolerance!

We'll Show You How to Take Care of Your New Sod

Homeowner watering new sod in Fort Worth, TX.

One of the most rewarding feats of sod is its immediate results; it already has pre-grown, healthy green grass, and your lawn will be beautiful the minute it's installed. However, it's still very fragile and needs special care before you can treat it as you would normal turf. Fortunately, our experts will show you how to take care of your new sod. Your sod will yield the best results with proper aftercare, and we'll advise you to:

  • Water it twice daily for two weeks, as it's imperative to keep it thoroughly hydrated so the roots can establish quicker.
  • Avoid mowing your sod for those two weeks, as it's too fragile to hold the mower's weight.
  • Wait 3-4 weeks before you use your lawn like normal to prevent further stress on the roots of your new sod while they're trying to establish.

Our sod installation service comes with a 30-day warranty; if anything happens to your sod within that period, we'll return to remedy the situation and get your sod back on track. Even after we've completed the installation, we're still here for you, and we'll help you maintain your sod so it can stay in pristine condition!

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Don't wait for your dream lawn - establish a beautiful and healthy green lawn immediately with our sod installation service! We have 13 years of experience installing sod and you can trust that we'll be thorough and precise so you can immediately begin reaping the benefits of your new lawn. Our sod installation service is available to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Fort Worth, Aledo, White Settlement, and other neighboring areas in Texas. Call us at (817) 484-8522 to sign up for our service today!